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27-year-old arrested at airport moments before boarding!


By: Jason Cross .March 21, 2018,19:33:25

Austin - A 27-year-old male was detained yesterday directly before his flight were to take off. The man was on his way to Ko Pha-ngan, Thailand on flight AC067 with Delta. The airport security became aware of the man’s suspicious behaviour and alerted the police. After they searched him they discovered the man had covered himself in bank notes from top to toe.

He was immediately charged with counts of smuggling and money laundering but it was quickly discovered that the suspect, Luke Wilson was totally innocent.

The man did not want to disclose how and where he obtained this amount of money however he eventually admitted after the officials intimidated him.

He admitted that he did not know he was not allowed to carry so much cash on him when boarding a flight. This was the first time he boarded a plane and ultimately the cash was his.

How he obtained the money was perfectly legal and you will be kicking yourself if you found out how he got it!

He received a minor fine because he did not register the money and of course had missed his flight. That being said, he is now incredibly happy. Luke received all his cash back and will be moving abroad… This time the correct way!

When asked how he managed to win the Jackpot he replied:

“I had never played in the Casino before. I received a voucher on Facebook that gave me $15 free credits and I gave it a try. The rest is history.”

The improbable win happened on the 35th free spin - He won the Drake Casino Jackpot worth $200,000!

The craziest thing is that Luke is not alone. Every day hundreds of new players cash out at Drake Casino!

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Since the publication of this article, we have received a dozen emails from our readers to thank us for mentioning the promotion of Drake Casino's $15 worth of free credits. It was not our intention but it seems that we have a lot of rich American readers through this and emails come up every day with stories of new winners.

After a new search for the jackpot, we decided to check out the Drake Casino site for ourselves. We found that Luke was only one of the 1,400 players across Canada who had won Jackpots with the $15 free credits vouchers in 2017. In fact, Drake Casino has already paid over $ 4,500,000 In total earnings and will soon stop promoting - mainly because of the publicity they have gained through this story.

Our reporter, Jason Cross, even tried his luck at the jackpot, but only pocketed a meagre $2800 on a $25 bet - "Unfortunately, not everyone can win as much as our lucky man Luke, I suppose!"

Only Two Vouchers Available as on 21th March 2018

We managed to acquire a limited number of vouchers from Drake Casino for our readers! Click the button below, then carefully fill out your information on the next pages, deposit and you will see $15 free credits displayed directly in your dashboard.

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21th March 2018

You may be as lucky as Luke and with only $15 you could win 200,000! Which would make you a return on investment of 100,000%! It would almost be foolish not to give it a try!

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Stephen Harris •

 Top commenter

My brother works in the gambling industry and told me a long time ago.We kept it for ourselves, as we did not want to reveal our gold mines.Hopefully enough remains left for everyone ...

Reply • Like • Follow Post • 13 minutes ago

Claudia Kelleher •


This is a sign! My husband and I currently have financial problems, this could be our solution!

Reply • Like • Follow Post • 16 minutes ago

Felix Johnson •


I've been playing for some time.Lately, I've just won.I thought this was just a stroke of luck, now I have noticed what is behind it. Had known from the start, I would have played much more, haha!

Reply • Like • Follow Post • 28 minutes ago

Doreen Smith •


I've seen it in the news recently.This is amazing, they are simply giving money away?I am just gonna register before there are no coupons left.

Reply • Like • Follow Post • 48 minutes ago

Katy Robinson •


I heard this yesterday in the news and signed up immediately. Fortunately, I still have a couple of days off work so going to make the most of it! My account balance is growing by the hour! I can’t believe how easily it is!

Reply • Like • Follow Post • 53 minutes ago